Thank you

Thank you all for your support during the Be a Hero challenge 2021. Whether you were a fundraiser, a donor, or a supporter we could not have done it without you!

It’s exciting to see so many of our Heroes reached their goals this year. All whilst practising social distancing or in lockdown! Which is an amazing result!

We are very humbled by your generosity and enthusiasm.

Thank you again on behalf of all the people whose lives will be changed thanks to your commitment this September!

Set yourself
a goal

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Decide on what
you will do

Wheel, swim, run, cycle... the choice is all yours.

Create a page &
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Set up your fundraising page and tell everyone what you are doing and why.

Track your

Track your achievements and add them to your page so everyone can see.

Why we need Heroes

We need Heroes to help re-build lives for people living with disability

Be a Hero 2021 is supporting Spinal Cord Injuries Australia’s national exercise therapy program, NeuroMoves. This highly specialised exercise therapy service has been helping people to do more than they ever thought they could even during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Our specialised NeuroMoves staff provide a safe and supportive community for spinal and neuro clients to undertake evidence-based and client-centred practice, to enable over 700 people each year to achieve life-enhancing goals and reach their full potential.

To run our NeuroMoves program successfully, we require highly specialised exercise equipment, which is very expensive.

This year a proportion of our Be a Hero fundraising effort will go to a ‘Client Support Fund’ so that clients without funding assistance can still attend the program and achieve their goals.

At NeuroMoves nothing is set in concrete and we believe anything is possible. We listen to everyone’s individual goals and aspirations, then use all our resources to try to make these a reality. Whether it is to attend our community gym and fitness program, or getting involved with our Locomotor Training program.

To do this, it is vital that we have the right equipment, and with your generosity, we will be closer to meeting our equipment needs.

Thank you for your support during the Be a Hero challenge 2021!

It can happen in seconds, but the impact lasts a lifetime

A spinal cord injury changes your life in an instant. Paralysis causes loss of limb function, and multiple secondary health issues.

People living with a spinal cord injury experience higher hospital admission, more mental health challenges, lower employment and reduced life expectancy.

Approximately 15,000 Australians live with spinal cord injury; with another injured every day. It impacts particularly on young people, in the prime of life.

It is vital that we have the right people in place and with your generosity, we will be closer to building opportunities.

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