Danica's 1,000 minutes challenge!

Why did you choose to Be A Hero this year? 
My main motivator for getting involved was seeing the impact of therapy throughout my practicum placement at NeuroMoves Perth. I thought that if there was a way I could contribute to increasing access to NeuroMoves services, I had to get involved, and seeing that some of the money this year was going toward providing funding for therapy for those who needed it encouraged me to sign up without thinking twice!

What did you choose to do for the challenge? 
I chose to accumulate 1000 minutes of exercise throughout September, which equates to around 30-40 mins per day. I did this through a combination of walking and resistance training. 

How did you go with your challenge? 
I’m very happy to say - really well! It gave me an extra push to make sure I was being active most days (which I had been slacking on) and I saw the physical and mental health benefits increase over the month.