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Ian's quoits challenge!

One of our Heroes this year is Ian who has been attending NeuroMoves since 2019. Ian is working hard towards his goals of improving his walking and upper limb function, following a stroke in 2014.

Ian’s sessions aim to improve the sensation, coordination and strength in his left hand. He can be heard humming along to a tune throughout his sessions, and as the control in his left hand has progressively improved due to his therapy sessions, you can now also hear him clicking his fingers along to the tune! This clicking movement also helps train the muscles that will help him turn a key in a lock, manipulate coins, or hold a bank card.

Ian has used his newfound dexterity for the Be a Hero challenge in 2021, as he aims to work hard himself while helping others! This year Ian is challenging himself to improve his left-hand coordination further by aiming to improve his quoit throwing accuracy by landing 6 quoits to targets. Ian’s current PB is successfully hitting the target twice. You have an amazing attitude Ian, and we thank you for your support! Please check out Ian’s page here.