Sarah's 1,440 minutes challenge

Why did you choose to Be a Hero this year?

I love my work with NeuroMoves and any chance I have to give back to the clients and help them improve their lives I am going to take! The fundraiser offers access to equipment and services that otherwise they may never get a chance to use. It also is my fittest month of the year, I love the competition side of it!

What did you choose to do for the challenge?

I chose to do 24 hours worth of minutes across the month, which is 1440 minutes. This meant I had to do 40 minutes of exercise every day.

How did you go with your 1,440 minutes challenge?

I was able to reach my goal thanks to friends, family and clients who kept pushing me and helped me along the way. Clients helped motivate me by doing workouts with me in their sessions, I think they enjoyed being able to train the trainer way too much!