Shamiran's 2,000 minutes challenge!

Why did you choose to Be A Hero this year?

I have always been passionate about fundraising money for a good cause and the ‘Be A Hero’ campaign was one I was looking forward to. This years campaign not only will supply sites with equipment to provide the best service we can for our clients but knowing a pool of the money raised was going specifically towards the clients to continue to attend our services was inspiring. I see their commitment and drive first hand and I wanted to do everything I could to help raise funds for those clients that are limited with their funding. By taking part in this campaign I wanted to show our clients that I support them in every way and I wanted to make sure that they were being given the best opportunity to accomplish their goals without any financial barriers.

What did you choose to do for the challenge?

I chose to complete >2000 minutes of exercise in 30 days to replicate how much work a client would put in during a LT block. I wanted to see what it was like to complete that much exercise in a short period of time as well as understand what it takes for a client to commit to an intensive block, it’s definitely challenging!  

How did you go with your challenge?

I can happily say I was able to achieve >2100 exercise minutes. I did this through road runs, long walks, gym sessions, sprint/conditioning sessions and football training. I feel as though the lockdown and seeing therapists across other NeuroMoves sites really motivated me to get outdoors and get active in any way possible so I can do my part in this campaign.