Your Impact

Your fundraising means a lot to us and helps people living with a disability to live the life they choose.

By accepting the Be a Hero 2021 challenge you are supporting Spinal Cord Injuries Australia's national exercise therapy program, NeuroMoves.

Be a Hero (BAH) 2020 was our most successful instalment to date. Because of you, your fellow Heroes and your supporters we raised over $84.000 for life-changing equipment for our NeuroMoves gyms. We ordered a total of 103 different items across all of our sites nationally, with some of the highlights listed below.

Menai – Total Gym (TG)
This is something a lot of bigger sites already have, and Be a Hero was the perfect opportunity to get some top-quality equipment at a smaller clinic.

The TG is a great way for our clients to gradually increase their load-bearing capacity as they build their way up towards standing, walking and even running in some cases.

Check out NeuroMoves Menai client Ian doing some unilateral leg strengthening exercises using the TG.

Lismore – Free standing boxing bag
NeuroMoves gym program is constantly expanding at all our clinics across the nation, with Be a Hero helping us take some extra steps in the right direction. A boxing bag that we can easily move around in our busy gym space allows our clients to work on their fitness and is a whole body work out.

Multiple sites have ordered the same item (Lismore, Melbourne and Canberra) as we look to start small group boxing classes in the future. You can see Lismore client Jeff giving the boxing bag a work out of its own!

Canberra – Motion guided lasers
Be a Hero has given us an opportunity to try out new equipment to help our clients in innovative new ways. Motion guided lasers can be attached to our clients, and are then projected onto a target for postural training and balance work.

You can see Canberra client Andrea working on her standing balance using the lasers.

St Peters – Assault Bike
NeuroMoves love to push our clients a little bit extra. Be a Hero has helped us to do so by getting an assault bike, which provides one of the best cardio workouts possible, incorporating both an upper and lower body work out.

You can see the intensity the assault bike demands as St Peters client Arnel uses it during a strength and conditioning session.

It is great to see the benefits Be a Hero 2020 has had on expanding NeuroMoves services, which we have passed on directly to our hard-working clients. We can’t wait for an opportunity to do the same in 2021.